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About us

The company Bilijun Partner doo, creator and owner of the Be Natur brand, has a long presence and importance in the field of health care. Rich experience, knowledge and tradition have given birth to 100% Croatian Be Natur products - certified products of high bioavailability.

All products are the result of long-term and careful research to place on the market products of the highest quality (minerals and vitamins) important for the whole organism.

In the Be Natur range you will find Be Natur liquid magnesium, Be Natur Magnesium chloride powder and Be Natur Ionic Mg Skin & Sport, Be Natur Vitamin C +, vitamin D3 and Deep Sleep.

Be Natur products were created after a long-term research by the founder Slaven Marelja, who studied magnesium compounds and their absorption in the body. After several years of analysis and testing, based on scientific results and studies, and based on the results of analyzes that showed the best magnesium in the form of magnesium chloride hexahydrate both in terms of absorption in the body and in terms of giving the best results, Slaven in 2016 offered the market Be Natur high quality products and since then he has been delighted by the messages of satisfied customers together with whom he is looking forward to each of their solved problems. Every problem is the result of an imbalance in the body, and Slaven is glad that with his products, both for himself and others, he can reduce this imbalance. In addition to magnesium, Be Natur strives to offer high cellular absorption products to the market.
The choice of magnesium was not accidental.

We often find ourselves in a problem, we start researching and trying everything that is available to us. Which way from solving your own problem fantastic ideas, products are developed, and which way the way of finding remains hidden. This is not the case with the Slavs:

"The health problems that have plagued me for years have been my blessing without which I would not have embarked on a journey of research and re-examination. I went to doctors, they offered me pre-prescribed therapies, I tried year after year and there was progress, I can't say, but out of desperation I set out to research and after twenty years, during which I was constantly looking for a solution to my problem, with research I discovered that One of the most important aspects of diet is not necessarily what we eat, but which parts of the food we actually absorb into our body.Maybe the proverb… should be changed from "You are what you eat", to "You are what you absorb!"
We finally managed to produce high-cellular magnesium with our partners, and the results were visible in a short time. As a result of something tested on myself out of necessity and as a result of taking care of my health, I am happy that after solving my problem I did not stop, but offered the Be Natur brand to the market with high pharmaceutical purity products and we are the absolute leader in the supplement market. "- Slaven Marelja, owner of the Be Natur brand

After some time, Be Natur liquid magnesium received another confirmation that it is on the right track, and began to be used in scientific research at the Medical Faculty of the University of Zagreb, which gave scientific confirmation of transdermal activity.

Famous athletes also use Be Natur products

At the World Cup in Russia, the Croatian national team used Be Natur, and representatives of Ba Natura participated in the Congress of German Coaches in Cologne, where they gave a lecture and answered a question about how Croatian footballers played three games in overtime without physical fatigue.

Be Natur also received certificates from the BodyBalance Polyclinic, the official polyclinic of the tennis team. Current and former athletes and coaches in tennis, handball, football and other sports have recognized the high quality of Be Natur Magnesium. Many famous alpinists use Be Natura products, such as Goran Sajko, who during this strenuous climb with the help of Be Natur magnesium won another world peak Pico de Orizaba 5636 m above sea level. The representative of the handball national team of Slovenia, Darko Cingesar, uses Be Natur Magnesium for the purpose of faster recovery. Boxing champion Željko Mavrović uses our product Be Natur Magnesium. In addition to the above, many other athletes, national teams and clubs also use Be Natur products.

"I am intimidated by the fact that due to poor nutrition, lack of minerals and vitamins, and especially magnesium, which is one of the most important minerals, today we have problems at a young age that people used to have in old age, and people do not know the cause. " - Slaven Marelja, owner of the Be Natur brand

Take care of your health, use Be Natur premium high absorption products and let us know your feedback.
- Your Be Natur